A very bright and lively mint blue/green Afghan tourmaline precision cut in a custom brilliant design. This gemstone is magnificent and would make a great engagement or cocktail ring.

2.75ct 8.5mm vvs $1550 ref:Tour1

A very pretty light to medium blue Afghan tourmaline in an "old mine cut. A very bright and lively stone.

2.4ct 8.5mm vvs $840 ref Tour:3

This stone is a medium to dark blue with an open c axis.Stones this color have fetched up to one thousand dollars a carat but this one is priced at half that to facilitate a sale at a bargain!

3.0ct 9.5x7.5mm vvs $1500


A large mint green Congo tourmaline cut in a dome design. 6.5ct 12mm vvs $750

Ref : Tour2

A bright medium green slight blue Afghan tourmaline in a custom barion design. Very nice gem! 3ct 8.5mm vvs 

$650 ref:Tour4

This sweet little Afghan tourmaline displays predominantly baby pink blue and slight grey. This one would make a great pendant or longer ring stone

2.4ct vvs $320 ref:Tour6