A rare very special purple garnet from Mozambique cut in a classic step cut crown with a brilliant pavilion,This gem really pops! 2.2ct 7.5mm vvs $400 Ref: G9

A light pink to purple Mahenge garnet.This a good sized stone from that location.

It does have a few inclusions which are vaguely eye visible and is priced accordingly.

2.38ct 7mm included $250

Ref : G10

A flawless deep red/orange Nigerian spessertite garnet cut in a custom round brilliant. 2.45ct 7.5mm vvs to

flawless. 2.5ct 7.5mm $245

Ref G:9


This unusal one of a kind Mahenge garnet checkered heart really pops.From the famous Mahenge Tanzania find which has been mined out for a long time now

1.66ct 7x7.5mm vvs $450 Ref:G11