An imperial garnet cut in a custom one of a kind dome design.A very bright and clean stone. 2ct 7mm vvs $320 ref G1

A rare sized Mahenge garnet pink/red with purple highlights.The still photo really does this stone little justice.Check out the video for a more accurate representation of this stone

3ct 9mm vvs- flawless $1200 ref:G3

A bright red/pink garnet from the famed Mahenge find cut in a custom checker top.

2.5ct 8mm vvs $350 ref G2

A nice sized Malawi raspberry garnet cut in a unique checker top

4.4ct 10mm vvs -flawless $440 ref :G4

A bright rare purple mozambique garnet cut in a unique checker design. 1.4ct 7mm vvs $220 ref: G5

A perfectly matched set of pink/purple garnet from the renowned Mahenge find in Tanzania.These stones pop! 

3ct 7mm vvs - flawless $1300

Ref G:6

A very bright little pink/slight peach Mahenge garnet from the famous Mahenge find in Tanzania.

1.29cy vvs - vs 7mm $245 Ref: G7

A light peach pink Imperial garnet cut in a custom slightly domed round.Very good scintillation on this stone. 2ct 7mm sI (some small inclusions(eye clean) $320 Ref: G8