A vivid blue/green color shift Afghan tourmaline checker cushion. This gem shifts from a more blue/green to blue depending on lighting conditions.check out the video for a more accurate representation of color. 

.67ct vs 6mm $120


This lozenge shaped Nigerian tourmaline is a pleasing green much better than the photo.Check out the video for a better representation of true color. 1.65ct 10x6mm vvs $98


I am moving this unheated Montana Eldorado bar sapphire for approximately half of the going rate per carat! This stone is a periwinkle very light blue/green indoors and a much more vivid blue/green outdoors.This color shift is typical of these sapphires.Check out the video for outdoor daylight color.

1.39ct 7mm vs(some slight silk and small inclusions typical of this material) $450


This little pool blue Afghan tourmaline is nice and clean and very bright. 0.89ct 7.5x6mm

vvs $80


Namibian demantoid garnet cut in a unique custom design.This is a very nice apple green stone with a few minor inclusions typical of the Namibian material. 1.32ct 6.5mm vs



Another gret sapphire from the Eldorado bar.This one is a very light greyish blue indoors and shifts to a stronger very nice blue outdoors.Check out the video for outdoor color. 1.45ct 6.8 - 7mm vvs $ 485


This little custom precision cut Nigerian spessertite is nice and clean.

It would make a great ring stone for someone who likes a samller gem and has petite hands. 0.91ct 6mm vvs



This beautiful baby pink Afghan tourmaline has been in my inventory for some time but never listed. 1.66ct 9.5x6mm vvs $165