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Please check back often as our inventory changes weekly. We are starting a monthly mailing list for our valued clients, this is a perfect opportunity to get first dibs on newly cut precious gems before they make it to the website.



There is a big difference between precision cut gems and a very large percentage of commercial and native cut gemstones which usually have incorrect angles resulting in windowing. Many have visible scratches. Some native and commercial cutters do a very good job  but unfortunately they are few and far between.

All our gemstones are cut with great attention to detail resulting in maximum value to you the client.

We also use state of the art faceting equipment which when combined with a skilled facetor results in a finished product that will retain it's value even as a family heirloom passed on from one generation to the next!

 Clear cut gems has a fairly extensive supply of rough material that can be cut to the custom design of your choice so if you scroll through the list of precision cut gems for each category and do not find what you want we can easily commission a gemstone to suit your exact requirements!

If for some reason we do not have a suitable piece of rough material in inventory we can find a piece that suits your needs and once agreed on we can order it and cut it for you.

We also have a large list of custom gem designs to choose from and if none of those are suitable we have the capability to design something to suit your exact requirements.

About the photographs /Our return policy

Clear Cut Gems makes every effort to ensure that the gemstone photographs on this site are as true to real life color as possible. Having said that it is common for digital cameras to interpret and produce a color rendition that is slightly different to what the human eye will see. If a stones color looks different after shooting we edit it in photoshop to look as close as possible to what the human eye sees in subdued natural daylight, this is common practice in the industry Even after editing sometimes a gemstone may still look different on another monitor and not everyone sees color the same way. It's for this reason we have a generous return policy with no questions asked ! If a stone does not meet your expectations simply send it back and advise us of your intention to return within 14 days  for a full refund less original shipping costs!

Clear Cut Gems makes every effort to 

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