Garnet is the traditional birthstone for the month of January and the zodiac sign Aquarius. Garnet has been used as a gemstone since the Bronze Age and is found in every color with blue being the rarest. In ancient times it was believed to have healing powers, that it could provide protection and increase the wearers strength. It has also been believed to regulate blood flow. Garnet has a hardness of 7-7.5 out of 10 on the Mohs' Scale of mineral hardness.

Description: A light pink Mahenge garnet with lots of facets.This is a nice bright stone with a few inclusions visible only under magnification.One of the more rare colors.
Size: 2.38cts 7mm
Clarity & Grade: SI (slightly included)
Treatments: None
Price: $250.00 (USD)

Description: A superb red,pink and magenta Mahenge garnet cut in a pristine checker top custom cut,this stone pops,the incredible mix of colors were very hard to capture even in outdoor lighting!
Size: 2.89cts 8.2mm
Clarity & Grade: vvs - flawless
Treatments: None
Price: $750.00 (USD)

Description: A bright,vivid pink/red Mahenge garnet checker from the famed find,these stones are becoming harder to get as the supply of rough stones runs out.Very clean!
Size: 2.68cts 8mm
Clarity & Grade: vvs
Treatments: None
Price: $550.00 (USD)

Description: A very bright red/pink Mozambique garnet cut in an unusual custom design. This stone has some pink which doesn't show in the picture
Size: 3.28cts 9mm
Clarity & Grade: vvs
Treatments: None
Price: $450.00 (USD)

Description: A bright,beautiful natural spessertite garnet of Nigerian origin. The orange of this stone is close to top color with very little brown,a repectable size at 2.1ct and would make an eye popping ring stone!
Size: 2.1ct, 7.5mm
Clarity & Grade: vvs
Treatments: None
Price: $1200.00 (USD)

Description: This Tanzanian blood red garnet is really superb and without a doubt one of the best garnets I've had the pleasure of cutting. It's a nice strong medium red,nice and big with exceptional light return even in fairly low light,red stones like this do not come along very often.
Size: 3.9ct 9mm
Clarity & Grade: vvs (some tiny carbon spots under magnification)
Treatments: None
Price: $650 (USD)